Emergency Response

Pointe can provide fire and water damage restoration. In any emergency, our 24/7 teams can respond quickly with the right equipment to decrease property damage. As a result, you can trust that Pointe will provide the needed support to care for your building during a fire, a flood, sewage backup, pipe break, or any water intrusions.

Build Back: 

Pointe has skilled workers that can rebuild and restore your building to its original state. If structural work is needed, Pointe has the resources to complete your project.

Building Safety:

Also; Pointe can support properties in the area of building safety to include:

  • Firestop penetration repairs to protect from damage and liability of a fire
  • Infection control barrier construction
  • Environmental monitoring services to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.


Pointe is here to help today and provide you with our top notch service and experience!